I fainted last Friday night which I never did that before so I waited two days later to take a pregnancy test cause that was so wierd and cause I knew I missed my period but the it came up that I was pregnant so I went to the hospital to find out how far I was in they checked my hcg it was 35 n they also tried to see if they could see the bay so I had to get a ultrasound but they couldn't they said it must b cause I'm so early so they told me to wait for 2days to come bk I did which is the day I had to go back to get my hcg check n it only went up a lil to 39 it was 35 tho but they told me that's not normal either cause I was supposed went up a double and now they saying it could means I'm having a miscarriage or the babay is growing out side my uterus so they want me to come bk I two more days aging which is Friday to check my hcg to see if it went up double... Should I be worried or should I just wait it through is it anything I could do to make it go up I really don't want to loose my Second baby I'm not even bleeding or in pain for this to happen to me I just hope my baby makes it through