Injectable iui or ivf

Sheets • Ttc #1 3 years of marriage . Getting desperate ! But keeping the faith
Those following me know my story 🙁 3 years ttc unexplained infertility , failed first <a href="">IUI</a> with clomid .nothing is covered by insurance 
I'm confused should I do 2 <a href="">IUi</a> with injectables this time , which was quoted as $1750 for procedure plus $2000-5000 for meds  ( total average of $4-7 k)  or directly go in for <a href="">ivf</a> ? 
Update : just a thought , <a href="">IUi</a> is just 10-25% chance whereas <a href="">IVF</a> is 50% chance . I don't want to waste 4K on <a href="">IUI</a> which fails & eventually have to go for <a href="">ivf</a>. I might as well put in this money for <a href="">ivf</a> where I know I have higher chances . What say?