Born at 37w2d :) due July 10.

Tatjana β€’
I always read everyone's birth story, and then I reflect back on the birth of my daughter. My birth story really isn't anything out of the ordinary but I figure I will share it as well, for any moms who are waiting to give birth and looking to read some birth stories as I did :)
On the evening of 6/20 I went to bed and for some reason was feeling extremely anxious. I could not fall asleep for the longest time. I kept worrying about going into labor and leaving my daughter, who had just turned 1. I was so nervous for both my SO and I to be away from her as she had never been without both of us. When I did finally fall asleep, I just kept waking up every 30 minutes - hour feeling anxious and overall weird.
I woke up (for what felt like the millionth time) at 230am (now june21) with what I thought was a stomach ache. I didn't think anything of it in terms of labor. I didn't feel like I needed to use the restroom, so I just laid there. It was a constant ache that wouldn't go away for quite some time. About an hour later it started to seem like the pain came and went in intervals so I thought 'let me see if there is anything to time'.
From 330am until about 7am I went back and forth from going to the bathroom thinking it was an upset stomach, to timing the discomfort. By 9am I was sure they were contractions but they were so irregular, anywhere from 3 minutes apart to 15 minutes apart. They were not getting regular, but they were getting stronger .
So at 9am I called my doctor. I had my 37 week appointment that late afternoon but figured I would call her and tell her what's going on to see if she wanted to see me sooner. She was at the hospital so she told me to come by the hospital and get checked and see what's going on.
10am I get to the hospital. My SO left work to be with our daughter before also heading to the hospital, in case they sent me home.
They checked me and I was 2-3cm, at my appt a week prior I was 0cm.
They said I could walk around the hospital for an hour, then they will put back on the monitor for a while to see if contractions picked up and then check me again, and if I progressed to a 4 they would admit me otherwise to labor at home until my contractions picked up.
1 hour later, exhausted and my hips hurting, they checked again and I was at 4 😁, it was baby day! Called my SO told him to get ready and head over.
Around 3pm they broke my water and started pitocin as I had only progressed 1cm in a few hours and contractions still weren't too regular or strong. Contractions picked up and around 6cm I got my epidural.
He had me lay down for the epi, I thought that was weird. I never knew they did it this way. With my first I was seated on the edge of the bed. (This was a different hospital/state than my first). It was HORRIBLE. I felt like I was in a horror movie and was being tortured. I could not believe how bad it hurt and how uncomfortable it was... My first I didn't even feel it! Ugh.
I labored for the next few hours. My epidural kept wearing off and he had to come 3 times make it stronger as I felt like I never even got an epi in the first place. I was exhausted since I had been up since 230am, and was not getting enough relief to where I was able to get any sleep at all.
I was 10cm finally around 8pm, but my doctor was delivering another baby so I had to wait. Thankfully baby wasn't fully engaged / at the correct station so I spent this time laboring down to avoid pushing longer than necessary. This sucked because my epi was not doing its job.
FINALLY it was 9:34pm and it was time to push! I managed to somehow find whatever energy I had left and gave it my all.
I cannot believe how many of us due in July gave birth in June ! I was not expecting her to come that early but I am so happy to have her here and not be pregnant anymore πŸ™ˆ
Aubrey Rose was born at 37w2d, June 21 at 10:03pm πŸ’• 6lbs12oz, 19in ☺️