My uninterested babydaddy..

I'm almost 7 months, due in October and haven't seen! As in laid eyes on my BD since March of this year. He decided he didn't want to be a daddy (again) and refused my calls and ignored my txts for months, we just started communicating again this last month. Still have yet to see him or have an adult conversation about our child that's about to come into this world. But he txts me last night and asks if I'm horny!! The nerve! Now you want some coochie?! Now you want me to come over!! Now you want my time, when for 5 months I called and called and txtd and cried because he wanted nothing to do with me. And told me to get an abortion.. The point of my rant.. would you ladies allow him to come in after disregarding your feelings for so long and acting as if you didn't exist and he wasn't about to have a child with you. My emotions are everywhere! I want him in these last few months for support but I don't even know if he will be there long term or if he just wants sex right now. I've made myself not hate his this whole time because I wanted to be able to get along when he was ready to accept what was going on.. BUT I JUST DON'T KNOW! What would you do?