Birth story & venting long story

After I gave birth to my baby boy, I wouldn't stop bleeding, the bleeding had me totally out of it my dr quickly packed me with gauze to see if that would stop the bleeding, the pain of being packed was horrible!! I was screaming I was crying I was cursing oh man I thought I was gonna die!. For the whole day I was packed I was still bleeding out. I knew for sure something was wrong. The next morning I went into surgery to have a D&C, they found a bunch of blood clots that was causing me to bleed, after that was removed I felt better I wasn't out of it anymore. I was really out of it, thinking back at it I couldn't hold my baby cuz I would start nodding out. I couldn't look at ppl without wanting to fall asleep I felt horrible. My SO took care of our son the whole day & night I was out of it. So thank god for him.q Now I'm home with baby everything is ok bleeding is at a minimum but after child birth and then surgery I'm in pain I'm recovering from two types of procedures lol however when things were bad with my SO and we broke up I gave up on all hope. I blocked him from me, when he would show up I would talk crap to make him leave it was probably the hormones lol but we decided to work things out towards the end. I told him I was gonna name our baby after my dad which is Joey. Of course I was never thinking of putting my SO last name on the baby idk I jus didn't want to but my dad and mom told me to bcuz it's his baby too so I was always up in the air about it. But when the time came to name him I fought with his dad cuz he really didn't want my dads name to be his first name but I was gonna keep my word and name him Joey. So I did but I also let my SO name his middle and last name. I guess today my family had a lot to say about it and I dishonored my family. I didn't talk to them about it, my SO is upset cuz it's our son not theirs and what we decide to name our baby is our business but I feel really horrible bcuz not only was this really painful couple of days from labor and surgery I still feel even more horrible and now I'm really upset crying so much about what my family has to say. This totally sucks. I feel like I lost my family again and I'm all alone in this. Sorry for the long essay I jus feel like I had to vent and I feel a lot of love from u women on here. My eyes feel so heavy from crying. This is suppose to be the most happiest days of our lives. 😕💔