Work Vent.. Boss asked me who is going to cover

HALEY • @bedtime my kids turn in to dehydrated philosophers who need a hug. 😍😘
So I am one of the management and also clinical personal in our Obgyn office. ( I wear many hats) 
My leave starts 7/14 last day 7/13, my boss asked me today who will be covering me?¿ 
I have no idea, I didn't realize it was my job to assign anyone, what has she been doing for the past 9 months.? 
Not to mention most of our staff, usually stop working on the floor before 34wks because of intensity.. I worked up until 36 pulling double shifts.. I pull way too much weight. 
I understand my position is hard to fill, but I'm about to bring life into this world, I shouldn't have to worry about details like that. 
We came up with options, but dang that was lame . All I can say is ... I'm taking leave and taking as much as possible .. See you guys around Christmas lol