What do I even do?

I feel my relationship going downhill. I'm engaged and we've been together 5.5 years. One child together and another one due any day. I feel like everything is going down hill. Ever since I've become pregnant it's like he doesn't care to tell me he loves me everyday like he once did, he doesn't kiss me anymore, and never compliments me, probably Bc I'm huge now. 
I can't talk to him about my concerns with him Bc of course he says I'm "trippin" for no reason. He can't compliment me but he can like 1/2 naked models pictures everyday on Instagram. He can't go to bed with me at night but can stay up till 5am every morning playing games on his IPad or on social media. 
Obviously I care about him but it's too much now 😞😞 I don't wana waste my time caring about somebody that doesn't care about me! Now I'm about to have 2 kids with him any day now and all I can do is cry Bc I feel this is fading away!!