At what point do I tell my husband to not come home

And stay wherever the fuck he is? I went to get a pedicure with my mom at 630 and he went for a bike ride, which he said he left around 7:30pm. Well he didn't respond much which makes sense with biking and all but it got to be 10:30 and I was like you are fucking rediculous. He's not like a long distance biker or even an avid biker. He finally responded almost immediate to that that he was at whatever reserves and headed back to the car right then. Well now it's 11:47 and guess who isn't home and hasn't replied? My husband. I don't want him here anymore. I'm due to have our first baby July 15th and he can't even be bothered with keeping in contact with me. The trail he was at is only 20 minutes away so I don't know what he's actually been doing this entire time but I seriously have no trust for him. I had false labor a week ago and my mom had to take me to the hospital because he was out playing pool by himself apparently and it took him two hours to get to the hospital, that is 15 minutes from our house and closer to any bar he was at. I was already sent home by the time he arrived and I was so mad I told him I wanted a divorce that he would never see his son because obviously whatever the fuck he was just doing was more important than being there for us when we needed him. Ugh I am just so mad right now. He's done this so many times and it's obviously not going to get better.