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Rebecca • 20 ♌️ ig/twitter/snapchat: rebeccastrongxx
im becoming more and more disgusted with mens' behavior lately. like especially my husbands. for example (this situation has been happening alot lately) - i bend over or something and if hes around he'll slap my ass or squeeze it. like?! wtf? just bc a girl bends over why is it suddenly a sexual act? it's ridiculous and frustrating. i dont find it sexy when he does that, i find it disgusting and very disrespectful! i mean I understand hes my husband but its my body, and i dont want to be sexualized in normal things that i do!, like bending over to pick something up! and i have talked to him about it and asked him not to do it anymore, and he just replys with a sad pouty face and says, "but ur so sexy, i cant help it" or something like that. honestly, its offending and rude to me. am i the only one?