Non stop movement

Ashley • 25, FTM to a beautiful baby boy born 17 July '16 💙👶🏽🍼 insta: ashleynfit_
38w5d and I probably over did it today. Woke up and swept and moped the front living room and kitchen. Then went to work from 12:30-5:30 and all I do is stand! Got home swept some more. Took the covers off the couch cushions and washed those and put them back on which is NOT easy. Swept and mopped the laundry area. Cleaned the bathroom. Vaccumed the bedroom. Laid on the couch & got up and my body is just sore & felt like I had a butt cramp. Baby is constantly moving and kickin pretty good and with that I feel like I have to constantly pee. Baby boy has to at least wait until Saturday (but due July 14th) because daddy gets to take a leave of abcense from his training so he doesn't miss our child's birth! Dr. appointment in the morning, I hope I finally get checked since I still haven't been checked yet & I'll be 39w on Thursday.