Falls asleep during BJ?!?!

I've NEVER been good at giving a BJ, but with my DF, I actually like doing it....first time in life. But last week when I was doing it, he was WATCHING TELEVISION....like actually watching a tv show.  He actually laughed a little at something that was on. Then last night while I was doing it, he actually DOZED OFF!😳. Like wtf?!  I know I'm not a pro at it but damn. It confuses me because he says he likes when I do it. He even asks me to do it, but after all the weird reactions, I feel self-conscious about doing it. I already know I suck (no pun intended) at it....is this why he's falling asleep?  To be fair, he did track 44,000 steps on his Fitbit yesterday🤔. 
Update:  I talked to him about it. He only says that he likes what I do. Then after more talking he says "I just never really liked it all that much". Well that's because he's never had anyone rock his world with a world class BJ. I wanna be that person that gives him that gift. Any and all BJ tips welcomed. 
UPDATE:  I really appreciate all the tips and can't wait to put them to good use. I can't have sex or orgasms for the next two weeks (had my FET today) but I don't want to leave him hanging for the next two weeks. I intend to get really good at it.