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So annoyed at some of the ignorance on this app. 
**Decent length rant**
I found out I was pregnant about 3 weeks ago now, I'm only 17. 
My mom is involved in the pregnancy and supporting me (letting my boyfriend and I stay at her place while he does his first year of college, until we get on our feet and have enough for a little place) 
My boyfriend is supportive and does everything he can for me and our child
I plan on finishing high school on time and going into university to get my BA in social science and then pursuing something at college in that field. (Leaning towards autism research and care)
And I work 2 jobs.
Long story short, I still have goals, I have an amazing support system, and have money coming in to support myself and the baby the best I can.
I was just told that one of my comments on another post isn't credible simply because I'm 17 and pregnant... 
I know it shouldn't bother me because I know I took measures to prevent pregnancy, and I know I've still got goals and a future, no matter how hard... But God I just can't shake it! How ignorant! 
People just assume because I'm young I must be stupid or unreliable or some crap. I must have just been fooling around and being dumb about sex! 
How does me being 17 and pregnant make anything I say any less credible than if I was 20 or 25 and accidentally got pregnant? Or 17 and not pregnant!! 
So annoyed