Please give me any insight!!!

I was 3 days late on my period witch was supposed to start 6-18-2016 and it was 3 days late and the I had brown discharge (only on the toilet paper for about 4 days, and I only get brown discharge AFTER my period) well then my period started 6-26-2016 and today makes it the 13th day of my period!! Has anyone had this?? They said I have Dyfunctional Urtine Bleeding and they said I have a bacteria so they put me on medican for the bacteria and they set me up a OB appointment but I won't be able to get in until Oct. 4th!!!! They told me to take birth control to regulate my period out then I can stop them or keep taking them. (I don't wanna take birth control because we are ttc and they keep pushing me to take it!) But does anyone know what may be going on ? Has anyone else had something like this?!? I just want more answers then they are giving me and they ant really giving me anything! Anything is welcome and no rude comments! Thanks!