I am 33 weeks pregnant I am to the point where I'm so exhausted. I feel so drained I can barely sleep because I'm so uncomfortable. Although my body is tired I get up for work everyday. My boyfriend doesn't understand how pregnancy is obviously or how it can affect women differently all he wants to do is go out and have a good time whether I go or not. I feel so alone and depressed. He has become so mean to me as well lately because he says I use the pregnancy as an excuse to be lazy but I honestly don't I'm in pain all the time, tired and just want to lay in bed. I would want nothing more than for him to be there for me but he chooses not too. Tonight he decided to leave my at home to go out with this friends while I stay home throwing my guts up. I was throwing up so bad I accidentally peed myself, mind you I haven't thrown up my entire pregnancy today I wasn't up for going out and instead of him staying with me to make sure I was ok he left me because his friends were calling. I tried so hard to accommodate him as much as I could going out when I knew I wasn't feeling well all the other times I'd come home with my feet and ankles so swollen from standing or walking but that doesn't matter to him. His response for everything is that I want him to stop doing what he wants because I can't go or do what he wants to do. How can a man treat the mother of their first child this way. I have tried talking to him letting him know that just because I am the one carrying our son doesn't mean we aren't in this together as the father he should want to stop his childish ways and settle down because his son is coming sooner rather than later i as well have expressed how alone and depressed I have felt through out the entire pregnancy but he cares about nothing! Sorry for the long post but I needed to vent I felt so suffocated with all these locked up emotions.