It all started with a simple Google search my daughter's feet are cold and sweaty it's 84 degrees in our house because the AC is off and she is 12 weeks old on Sunday.

When I search cold and sweaty feet, a bunch of Articles came up mostly about SIDS and a couple saying it's normal. So one article said that cold and sweaty hands and feet and babies who cry we lay them on their back and always try to set up are at risk she does that so I went to search Sid's warning signs. Then it said if they slept more than normal and she slept a lot today normally she's up the majority of the day and she slept for about three-quarters of the day. Another thing it said was if they eat less normally she eats every hour and a half to two hours because she is breastfed today she ate every 3 or so hours. Should I call the doctor or am I being paranoid? Does anyone else have any symptoms or signs?