I leaked on my boyfriend's shorts 😭

I AM SO MORTIFIED RIGHT NOW. We went to the beach with friends today, and I was on my period. I only wear pads so I didn't go swimming, but I put my feet into the water with my friend while everyone else went swimming. Of course a huge wave comes out of nowhere and SOAKS my shorts. Just my luck! 😔 After that we went mini golfing, rode the carousel, and went out to eat. When we were waiting for our ride to pick us up, I sat on his lap, per usual. This is around 10pm. We got to his house to take a shower and when I came in, he told me he knew the reason I didnt know go in the water, and that it got on his shorts. He was super nice and sweet about it & said it was okay, but still! I'M SO EMBARRASSED RIGHT NOW. He had brand new, white, khaki shorts on. And I ruined them. I didn't even notice I was leaking. I feel stupid, gross, and embarrassed. Needed to rant!! lol but OMG 😭😫