Husband not supportive with baby.

Our newborn just turned 13 weeks today and I went back to work last week.  Tonight, I went to dinner with friends for the first time since having baby. My husband has never spent time with baby alone since she had been colicky, but she is now better. He thought he could handle it, but texted me that I needed to come home since he couldn't get her to settle down. I sent him specific bedtime routine instructions and it just pissed him off more since he thought I was trying to "parent by phone". He works 7 days a week, 10 hours a day and throws it in my face all the time when I ask for a little help with the baby. I'm back to work as well and he has yet to acknowledge that I need "me time" as well. He goes out every week and leaves me home alone all the time. We have a pretty good relationship otherwise, but it is reasonable for him to use his work as an excuse to not to help with baby? Anyone else's husbands act like this? So frustrated since I have felt so alone since the pregnancy and birth. ☹️