Taking meds during first trimester?

Kari • Hi! Kari's the name. Preggo with my second bundle of joy! Love muffin #1 was born March ‘17. 👶🏻
I'm diagnosed Bipolar with extreme anxiety and depressive manic episodes.  Because of that, I take an Bupropion (an anti-depressant) generic seroquel and generic extended release Xanax.   The Xanax helps immensely with my general anxiety and the seroquel helps with my manic episodes and REALLY helps me sleep through the night so I take it before bed.  I'm four weeks pregnant and have to wait another two weeks before I see both my general practitioner and my OBGYN.   Should I continue taking my meds?  I don't want to harm the growth process.  However, I've heard stress and anxiety are one of the worst things for pregnancy.   My job is rather stressful and also calls for travel, so that doesn't help my general anxiety either.   Any advice on this?  I really appreciate any and all feedback.  I've been stressing over this and feel so guilty every time I take my meds.