Missing my cat

I moved in with my boyfriend and his parents 500 miles away from where my mom lives. Back at my mom's house she has 10 cats and one of them is mine and her name is Muffin. I wasn't able to bring her because my boyfriend's mom is allergic to cats. I've been here for almost 2 months and it's getting harder each day without my cat. My boyfriend and I have been together for four years and he is definitely my best friend but Muffin is what makes me feel at home. I am not able to visit Muffin anytime soon because money is very tight due to buying food and paying rent. My boyfriends mom is a very unhappy person who yells a lot about anything. Her yelling puts extra stress on me because I feel like I can't stand up for myself when she starts yelling at me. I don't know.. I guess I just wanted to vent and maybe someone could comfort me. I can't sleep because I miss Muffin. I can't sleep because this doesn't feel like home. I'm sorry because it seems like I was rambling and a lot of it may not make sense. Thank you for listening to me though. Much love to all the lovely Eves ❤