Does anyone know what this dream means?

Rose • Bunny girl
Dad and I went to a friends house. There was lots of doors and rooms. Finally we go into this tiny room with a boy (ages 10-12). I feel like he was in that room because his parents thought he was a bit strange. I think I might have had a job, and that job was counselling children, but in a different way. I come out and be their friend. The child asks me to do a tarot card reading. So I do. I remember four cards. As I was reading the tarot cards it felt like dad wasn't even their anymore. One card had two siblings (a brother and sister), one card had parents (a mum and dad), one card represented death, the final card I remember was representing murder.
All of a sudden the kid starts going crazy. He looks at me.
I try to open the door, it takes a while before it opened, he's still chases me, I go past the dad of him and he does nothing just keeps sweeping. I get into the kitchen and I try talking to his mother and she just looks so dead telling me nothing's wrong. 
He catches up to me and starts screaming at me "I can't let this happen, I won't let this happen to me, I can't let this happen to me" he tries pushing me down and to kill me, keeps trying to hurt me, I push him off minutes later and run out of the door.
I wake up.
It Felt so fucking real,
As I was actually in that situation. 
I can't tell if it was a future me disguised as a boy telling me that my family is in dangerous, or if it's telling me that I shouldn't have done the tarot cards, that bad is coming my way.
When I woke up, I was facing the wall but I couldn't turn around. I just couldn't. I felt like something was staring at me, I felt like someone was in the house. 15 minutes later I gained the courage to turn around and run to my parents room. I never have nightmares, once in a blue moon. Now I slept in their room because I was honestly so terrified. I have never been so terrified as it felt so real. I kept hearing noises and telling my mum that there was someone in the house but she kept blowing me off telling to go to sleep. Sooner or later I did..