Anyone else?

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So this topic might be a little odd for some people, especially those who don't hold too much of a spiritual value. 
But does anyone else ever feel as though their deceased loved ones provide signs to let us know that they're okay and that they're there with us? I mean this in a comforting way. 
There have been a few incidents where I feel as though my grandma has been letting us know that she still watches over us and is with us during both happy and sad times and it's just a good feeling to have. It makes me smile my family feels the same way. 
I know there will be people who say we only see what we want to and blah blah blah, but I believe some things like this are real, not because I see it, but because I feel it. I'm just wondering if anyone else ever feels this way or believes it. Feel free to share any experiences 😊