Dear Husband

When we had our baby, he was better than I could have ever imagined. Such a hands on dad and didn't even mind the poopy diapers. He had to go back to work just a couple days after delivery and he is busy with very long days outside in the heat, so I make sure baby and I don't wake him in the middle of the night(he'd sleep through it anyways) and try to take the burden off of him and allow him to rest. Our precious little one has decided to take after her mom and fight sleep and not sleep for long intervals. She's also staying alert longer and longer. This means absolutely no rest for this mom. 4/12 hours in the past 2 days. Yesterday he said he would take her all night and I told him I'd settle for a good nap when he got home and for him to take just one night time feeding. I was so excited. Sadly, it turned into the usual. I got 45 min nap, he got 3 hour nap. He slept through the night and got a good 6 hours and as of now I got 2 1/2. I'm beyond exhausted and didn't know tired like this existed. It has also triggered a horrible migraine due to lack/irregularity of sleep. Sorry, I just needed to vent for a moment as I watch my daughter sleep after eating(and hoping it will be for a while so I can nap too.)