Ladies living in usa! When ur first appointment with obgyn directly ? Who tells u abt prenatals etc here?

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Ladies living in usa! 
When ur first appointment with obgyn directly . Who suggest u prenatals , vitamins etc ? 
I have blood drawn two times n one ultrasound in lab which they only tell me on call that are normal . Although i had two time bleeding . They say thay will do ultrasound on my 10 week n then will decide about obgyn appointment. Is this the normal way here in usa? 
But i need to ask some questions n help from my dr  and they r not assigning me any dr appointment or nurse appointment .
I remain contipated for direct five days and my legs and calf pains alot so this kind of questions . What should i do ?
I am from asia n there u newt directly with obgyn in first month she guides u on prenatal n safe medicines based on ur allergies n deficiencies , 
m tensed here bcoz no appointment yet .