In laws issue ( vent)


Okay in laws offered to pay for redoing a room in the house for a baby room. Which we are grateful for but it has made my husbands dad think that he can just come over anytime he wants ( if hes off work and my mother in law is home he doesnt want to be at home. He hates spending time with her so he is always over at my house). He has been at my house so much that i feel like I cannot even relax in my own house.

He pissed me off so bad just an hour ago. I was raised you call or something to let someone know if you are coming over or if you are busy or not.

But not him he just fucking showed up and was banging on the front door. ( my husband was asleep because he works nightshift tonight). I opend the door he flung the babyshower invitation at me and said he had more stuff to bring in. I just walked away into my room just so aggravated. I havent had a Saturday to relax in weeks and now its nothing but hammering and shit going on. My husband just got up cause he knows I am pissed.

My husband and his dad were planning on doing hardwood floor throughout the house and I would have to stay at my inlaws for a week. I do not want to stay over there I dont want to be around them right now. But my only family where I live doesnt talk to me. I just want to break out the credit card and stay at a hotel for the week just to get some peace and quiet.

Oh and just to add the bathtub i cleaned out in the guest bathroom like I scrubbed the dam tub down not even two weeks ago now has drywall putty all stuck to the bottom of it. Because my father in law. Washed all his tools in it yesterday. I just scrubbed it again this morning and he's fucking doing the same thing now. I am done.