Is a Mother-in-law just as important as your Mother?

Ash • Married 8.2.2014. 1st Boy 11.24.16. 2nd Boy 8.27.18
My sister in law and mother in law feel that they are just as important to me as my actual mother and 2 sisters. I shared a post on Facebook about my mom and my MIL and SIL are furious and "hurt" that I didn't also tag my MIL. My SIL posted a nasty comment on it. She's not horrible but she's not been particularly welcoming and nice, she talks crap about me constantly. My SIL is also mad I don't have her on my life insurance because I have my sisters on it and apparently she should be on it too. How should I even handle this? Because my mother raised me by herself, birthed me. I can't even fathom why they feel this way. How would you handle this?

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