Need advice.

Well was wondering why my husband wants head so much. I have an infection this week, it's an bacterial infection and you can't have sexual intercourse for 5/6 days on the meds they give you to fix the vaginiosis infection from what the doctors have told me. He wants head and has asked for it a lot lately. I don't mean to sound harsh but I get tired of being bugged about it when I'm also pregnant and have this infection that makes me feel unattractive.  I can't stand sex right now or the thought of it due to the infection. He wants sex, well I told him prior to even taken the meds they gave me that it was no sex for 5/6 days and his reply was "nothing wrong with your mouth" so I let that go and just brushed it off. He laughed with me and let it go. Now for the past 2 days he's asked for head! I have told him no and he let it go now today he's bugging me and staying away from me. He's never been this way and we are newlyweds. Is this all because of me saying no or am I selfish or what??? 
This morning I told him I was sorry for what ever it is that I don't do because he didn't seem to happy anymore. I don't know what else to think of the situation. Am I wrong in any way?