Fiancé embarrassing me at birthday party

We are over at a friends birthday party and I've been doing wedding stuff all day so when it was time to go to the birthday party I'm tired and not feeling too good. So I ask my fiancé when can we go since I've been hurting. (I have had a csection so that scar has been hurting me pretty bad.) he was going to let me drive myself home but a car was in the way. So he hands me our daughter and I told him I can't hold her cause I was hurting so bad and he freaks out, takes our daughter aggressively and she starts crying. Then he proceeds to cuss at me in frontof everyone. I'm so embarrassed. Our friend also the birthday girl asks me if I'm okay but my fiancé just gets pissed when I tell him how I feel. He has been having a bad attitude problem the last few days idk what's going on but I'm so tired of this and it hurts me deeply. Idk what to do.