Screeching in the middle of nowhere!


This group is awesome and I love reading everyone's stories! I thought I would share an experience I had a few years ago. I still have no idea what this was and it freaks me out to this day.

A little background: My hometown is right next to the reservation, and my husband and his family have some houses out there. One day in the summer his dad's trailer got burned down. We don't know how it happened, but someone had to go out and take pictures of it for the insurance company. So of course this task falls to us while we're visiting from out of town.

So we drove for hours out to the middle of nowhere. And I mean, there is really nothing out where we are, just the dessert and some trees and that's it.

We began taking pictures of the burned-down trailer, just doing what we were supposed to and really just minding our own business. Then suddenly we hear this loud, shrieking noise coming from nowhere and everywhere, echoing all over. It honestly sounded like a high-pitched dying animal noise. We thought it might be some kind of animal or bird? The scary part was that the noise started out sounding like it was very far away, but it began to get closer and closer VERY quickly. Like something was running really fast toward us.

We both got a bad feeling and decided to high-tail it out of there. We finished up our pictures as quickly as we could and got into the truck... which then refused to start. And there shouldn't have been anything wrong with it, full gas tank, we hadn't had any issues with it ever. We started getting desperate and prayed for the truck to start... and it did!

Needless to say, we sped away from that place and fast as we could. To this day, I still have no idea what we heard.