Ok so I went the doctors a week ago due to a few  days spotting, headaches, random stomach cramps, dizziness, random moments of feeling sick and then it passes! Gained weight too!!! Got to go back next week for a examination!! 
I have still been having the same symptoms, missed my period! (5 days late) at this point! Took a home pregnancy test using first urine this morning! Held it under my pee for a good 5-15 seconds, waited up to 5 minutes and literally nothing shown up!! In either window..
I had a look online and read some comments! One person even said "sometimes this is a good sign of early pregnancy" , however others say it's a dud test.
I have purchased another test which I was planning on taking next week if I still do not have a period by then! 
How very strange....
Wishing for a positive result as I have been ttc for a good 7 months now! And even used conceive plus lubricant.