Should i try to lose wieght?

Yesterday was my first absolute time i took off my shirt in front of my boyfriend, changing shirts, i felt confident he didn't look like he was grossed out but later on he wanted to stretch out and i helped him like he asked but then he got into like a competitive mode and asked me how many push ups i could do, i did about 50 but then he asked how many situps, he went first did 35 and he said it was my turn he pulled me towards him on the floor and held my feet and said i should do more to flatten my stomach.. And i think he was hinting around to exercise more.. Idk it just bummed me out because i was actually pretty confident till that came up.. We had arguments before about exercising and we got into argument kind of again. Now were on break. Its just should i? I need help. Please. I want to but i dont know if i should do it or not. To add on, im a 5'8, 17 years old, wieght is 230 and i recently got my birth control implant.