Really nervous to see my boyfriend tomorrow, help?

As dumb as this sounds, I'm really nervous to see my boyfriend tomorrow. We're long distance, and we're going to be spending the entire day together tomorrow. Of course I love him and I'm super excited, but my anxiety is so bad. I'm on vacation and he lives 20 minutes away so he's going to come and pick me up and take me to his cousin's house 30 minutes away, which makes me so nervous (stupid) because I have really bad anxiety and hate being far from home (I'm 17). Also, I feel absolutely disgusting because I'm breaking out in small cysts on my face (PMS) and even though I can cover the awful side with my hair, I still have a huge red one on the other side of my face. Also, I have really bad razor burn from shaving my pubes and I ended up getting a bad rash down there and on my butt from leaving a bathing suit on today. I just feel so disgusting and I'm so nervous. I know he loves me no matter what (we've been together a year and a half) but I feel so awful that I'm going to try to cover the razor burn and rash with makeup. Any advice on the anxiety and skin problems? :( I'm worrying myself sick.