Feeling weird now that my baby is home

I love my son so much and Im doing everything I can to take care of him and have everything that I need for him.. but now that he's home I feel so strange , like 9 months of waiting and hes finally here and I just keep thinking "0k now what?" Hes one week old, His dad isnt in his life, and I dont have much family or anyone to help me, so its just me trying to figure out everything on my own..he sleeps like 22 hours a day, he doesnt really wake up unless I wake him up so I spend alot of my time just waiting for him to need something. Did anyone else have these feelings when their baby was born?? Where you love them so much but feel extremely lonely or just sad about your situation, or just going through the motions. like all I want is that normal family with mom and dad and grandparents come help and visit you..