Im psyching myself out, i think im over reacting but im scared of being pregnant

He did not cum in me, we did not use a condom at first but then later we did. But ive noticed that im gaining weight, i dont have a belly, but im fatter on my legs; maybe im gaining weight bc im eating more and supposedly your body develops more after sex? We had sex July 15 so its been about two weeks. I think im over reacting but then again you can never be too sure. DOES ANYONE THINK IM PREGNANT? Please help im scared! Ive been on birthcontrol pills for about 3 years already but i accidentally skipped a pill during the time we had sex so that kinda made me start thinking about the possibility of being pregnant. I typically start my period during the middle of the "placebo pills" in the monthly pill pack, im on the 2nd day of it and havent gotten it but gives me another reason to question it! HELP AM I PREGNANT?