Anyone Else High Risk?

Jesseca • Love never Fails! 💖 Mother of 2 Girls & My First Babyboy is on his way November 2016
Im high risk cuz my body trys to labor itself around 30 weeks or less. The doctors dont no why my body does this, but my body just doesnt like holding them very long and growth for the baby is restricted around 4lbs ive never had a baby bigger than 4lbs both my girls were 4lbs and born at 35 weeks, so far this pregnancy has been a suprise and has been the best in Jesus name it stays that way. He is measuring a week ahead and im Praying he can make it to my due date wich is Nov 10th 2016 and praying he is bigger than 4lbs, dont get me wrong i love my 4lb babies they were healthy, but i want my son to be atleast 6lbs lol.