I need to let this out

Alright so me and my boyfriend now ex have been fighting alot and he broke up with me. Basically he says he can't trust me and has said several things that he isn't happy with even though I'm loyal and and insanely in love with him. We still live together and I still wash his clothes, clean the house, cook him dinner, help him with everything and actually got a job but haven't started yet. He has a bad temper and said he will date me again when we change. Anyway last night I spent the night at my friends and this guy I like did to and he laid next to me and we kissed but nothing else, he is really nice and I don't see anything wrong with it cause I'm single and I wish I could find someone that treated me good. But anyway I fell asleep last night and my ex keeps calling and texting me asking where I was and the guy I like answered and told him I fell asleep. I came home this morning at six am to take my ex to work but he tells me he just doesnt wanna work there anymore and said he's gonna quit but we have to pay rent this week!! And now he keeps walking around and every time he looks at me says im gross and nasty and keeps saying ewwww, he is so immature. Idk what to do I really do love him but I'm tired of this I want it to be like we used to be but idk if thats gonna happen. Anyone have any advice?