Enlarged ventricals in baby's brain.

I'm currently 29w3d with my little girl. ❤ when I went to my 20 week anatomy scan everything was going great and looking fantastic with the ultrasound tech. The doctor then came in and was double checking some measurements that the tech was having trouble with. He then rushed me off to labs where I had to have the maternity 21 testing done. It checks for any chromosomal issues with the baby (it did come back normal). After returning to the room with the doctor he began explaining that my babies ventricals were more enlarged than normal. A good number for these are 10mm. Hers was 1.3cm which is 13mm. He began being so rude and extremely insensitive to my husband and me saying "this kids going to have some issues" anything from water head to being slow. He was extremely awful!! No bedside manner at all. He continued on with how we need to see a specialist to further see my baby's condition....... my husband was in the military at this time but we have recently moved back home and I began seeing my new doctor..... I went in last week at 28 weeks to have another ultrasound done to check on our precious angel. I was so nervous I couldn't hardly stand it. I could only hope and pray that our babies ventricals would have gone down in size on there own or wouldn't have increased. The ultrasound tech went threw the ultrasound and then I went in room to speak with the doctor.. I absolutely love my new doctor he was so much more sensitive to me and my husband about my babies case.. but he did see that my babies ventricals had increased in size.... they went from 13mm to 22mm... in only about a month and maybe a week. He didn't go over board with telling me anything about my baby having issues. He said that I do need the specialist and that he will refer me out to someone. He said that I will more than likely have to have a c-section due to the fact that my babies head would prolly be to big to pass threw the canal and it would also be less strain on her. He also stated that I will more than likely have to give birth in a hospital with the specialist because she will more than likely need surgery when she's born to insert a shunt to help the fluid drain.. but that's all he would say. I still don't have a ton of exact info about my babies case and I'm starting to really get frustrated. I called the specialist yesterday cause I haven't heard from them yet and the doctor hasn't even looked at my files yet!!!! I'm so frustrated!! Has any other mommas experienced this?! It's extremely heartbreaking and stressful to me and my husband.. I just want some answers!