Similac vs Enfamil

Tess • Wife💍Mommy👨‍👩‍👧‍👧FurMommy🐶
My poor baby. She's been on 4 different formulas and she's 6 weeks old. She has terrible gas( farts and burps) no gas drops or gripe water seems to help. She was on Enfamil newborn that made her poop 13 times a day, she switched to Enfamil infant which made her really gassy , so we switched to the gentlease but it wasn't helping she would still scream in pain whenever she had to fart, I then began mixing Enfamil gentlease with enfamil AR cause I thought she had silent reflux and it seemed to help the first few days but now she is screaming in pain and strains and stretches her legs out and arches her back in pain, I have to massage and bicycle her just to make her poop. Someone help me! 

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