Baby born with fetal growth restriction is gaining like a champ!

I had to be induced at 39 weeks because my son was diagnosed with fetal growth restriction. He was about 3-4 weeks behind and only 5lbs at the 37 weeks ultrasound. When he was born he was 5lbs 8oz 18.5 inches and lost 3% at the hospital. Well at 10 days he's 6lbs and 8oz and 19 inches! I'm so relieved and happy that he is gaining and getting to a normal weight! The doctors don't know why he was so small since there were no abnormalities with placenta or the cord and I never smoked or used any drugs or alcohol during pregnancy. They said he might just be a constitutionally small baby due to my size (I'm 5'3). But at any rate, I am so happy my little guy is finally getting some cheeks!