Does anyone have a positive pregnancy test??

Okay so I know this looks bad. I have this psychotic ex that will NOT leave me alone. I do not want to get a restraining order because he has loads of money and will probably make my life hell!!! I'm scared. I feel like if I tell him I'm pregnant with someone else's baby he'll leave me alone. Swear on everything I'm not trying to trap anyone! He's a nasty racist homophobic abusive jerk & unfortunately I didn't see it until it was too late. At that point I tried to break it off peacefully but he calls me 100x a day and sends me just as many texts! I don't know what to do. I threatened a restraining order and he said I will regret it if I do because he has lawyers. 
I confided in him when we were on good terms that I had an abortion when I was a teen and my heart still breaks over it and now he calls me a murderer. I hate him I want him to go away he's making my life hell. I feel like if I just send him a test he won't believe me I don't know what to do!!!! 
Now I know I shouldn't say anything back but please try to understand what it's like to have someone call you names day in and day out I reach my breaking point and cannot help but to stick up for myself! He calls me murderer, wh*re, and the list goes on 😔 I've tried to ask him nicely to leave me alone but he just won't! So I feel like if I say I'm pregnant hell finally leave me alone. Please understand too that he has a crazy family I'm just really scared..has anyone been through this? What did you do??
This is what my phone is all day when I block his number 
I'm trying to get a job and I used my number on all my applications which is why I didn't change it but maybe you guys are right maybe I should. I'm also afraid he's gonna call my mom which he has threatened to do & I don't want him to attack her because I would feel terrible! Can someone fight a restraining order? I wasn't gonna say the baby was his I was gonna say it was someone else's but he's so unstable idk idk I'm going to just bite the bullet and file papers.. What happens if he calls my relatives or friends if I do that? 
Edit #2-
To the girl that sent me the pics thank you!! I think it might have actually worked! I edited the ultrasound and put my name and the date at the bottom and sent it over and he stopped messaging me after he said this:
We'll see I know this is childish on my part, trust me i know 😕 but I am taking everyone's advice just to be on the safe side you guys are right!!