How do you feel about makeup ?

KiaMiaGia • TTC Baby McDaniel #1️⃣
Do you love it ?
Do you hate it ?
Do you wear it everyday ?
Do you feel like you need it ? 
Do you not wear it , but wish you knew how to use it so you could wear it ? 
Will you let your daughters wear it ? 
If so , what age ? 
Just what is your input on make up ???
Growing up my parents would not let me wear make up . From my grandmother down to my aunts and my mom , none of them wore make up so it was never a big thing for me anyway . 
Until I hit middle school and all the girls were wearing it , but my daddy made sure he said hell no to that! So me personally , I don't wear make up . Lipstick on occasion but even with that , it's just take take a couple pictures and I'm wiping it off , lol . 
So , I still look at a bunch of make up tutorials , and I think it's cool when they stay natural but crazy when they change their entire face . I bought make up was toenhance , not change everything about your face ... Lol . 
But , I'll probably have a make up free house as well for my daughters ...