I think I might be 6 weeks

Im on the pill, but I missed a day the night my husband and I had sex and I got a heavy period that week from the miss of the pill but when it was time for my actually period it was beyond light. Now, 6 weeks later, since the missed pill, I have so many symptoms my biggest ones that are unusual is this insomnia, and tingling feeling in my limbs when I try to sleep and even sometimes when I'm relaxing. Anywhere from my legs to my fingers. I've had really bad aches in my ankles. I spend about 8 to 9 hours a day on my feet from work. When I was supposed to get my period or was spotting I guess I took a test but it was a cheap test. It said negative but I didn't feel like it was extremely reliable. My husband and I are obviously not trying and it was a complete accident. I have horrible acid reflux and now constipation and gas. I'm bloated most the time, and I'm supposed to take another test tomorrow but I'm kind of nervous too. I've never experience this thinking problem. I've suffered from insomnia before but I can't sleep when I try to nap after work anymore like I could just a week and a half ago. Anyone have any ideas or experienced this and found out they were pregnant?