So irritated this time around

This is my second pregnancy and this time I'm having a boy. 21 weeks along. I don't know what's going on this pregnancy. I don't want to be around people anymore. I'm so isolated. My husband's female cousin rubbed my stomach today without asking and commented how big he's getting and I felt so uncomfortable. I refuse to have a baby shower for many reasons but the biggest is I'd rather use the money to just get the few things he needs. Family has offered but I feel from my previous experience with my wedding that I will be disappointed. I will have to do way more than I want to. I don't want anyone coming to the hospital for delivery or after birth. Just my husband is allowed. He's not allowed to tell people I'm in labor because I know they'll show up. I'd rather people wait a few days until we get settled at home. And even then just drop by for a short visit and leave. The only people I can tolerate are my husband and daughter. I think my intolerance for others is coming off like I'm not excited but I am. I just find it so hard not to get annoyed with people and be nice. Is anybody going through this? I feel like I'm being mean but I can't deal with people having comments about my size, what I should or should not be doing or eating, or how they are always going to be around after his birth when I definitely don't want that. Does anyone think this will go away?