Pissed and need to rant 😩😞😕

Not pregnancy related, but!
I took my kids to Walmart, upon exiting my vehicle, I notice one of my boys had chocolate pudding from his lunch on his face (I've had a busy day and was in a hurry to get in and out of this horrid heat we are having here. Btw my car said it was 105 here. So yeah, it's like satan's kitchen here) anywho, I had my wallet and phone (iPhone 6 plus guys, this thing is my baby!) in my hand, and my 3yr old son hates HATES getting his face washed, and he smacked it out of my hand. 😳 The damn thing lands on the corner of my phone, and yup, I watched it break in front of my very eyes. My already pregnant, hormonal self, was like a big emotional shit storm! So I text my husband, (some of the screen still works and you can see part of the screen) and tell him what happened. Of course he's upset cause these phones are $700+ and that was his hard earned money he spent for me to have this phone. So that made me feel even worse. He looked up our plan on his phone, and we are eligible for new ones. *sigh of relief* 😕 I've had a very, VERY bad day...