OMG!! So Embarrassing!!!


OMG I'M MORTIFIED!!!! So my period was due 8 days ago according to my glow calendar. I was hesitant about it coming cuz I had little, momentary cramps, so for the last few days I have been wearing liners just in case something happened. Anyways I was with my boyfriend and we were hanging out and watching our movie. He pulled me into his lap before the movie started (in a non sexual way) and watched it. And after the movie was over, I got up to go pee and felt a breeze on my butt. I ignored it cuz I was sitting and his room gets hot. I get to the bathroom and it's bloddy murder down there and i was pissed off cuz I didn't feel anything at all, that entire time and then I was mortified cuz my pants were soaked all across my butt in blood. And I had been sitting on his lap for the past 2 hours, just bleeding, through my pants, into his. OMG I WANTED TO CRY!!! When I came back down I was in a hurry to leave but I live on a whole other street... so I would have to walk past like 20 houses to get home, change, shower, and curl up in a ball of embarrassment.

I barely looked at my boyfriend as I got my stuff and headed for the door. He stopped me like "baby, don't freak out too much, and don't be embarrassed, I don't even like these pants that much" I was still so freaked out cuz I had to walk home so he gave me one of his huge hoodies to tie around my waist and walked me home. It was so sweet, I got cavities!!! And it made me fall even more in love with him cuz I expected him to act like a 12 year old. He's really stupid sometimes. But I guess now we're at the stage where bodily functions are okay and were comfortable with each other. But for the next few days and for every period of mine in the future, I'm gonna have to avoid him during my periods in the future cuz I'm traumatized \ ( * - * ) /