stubborn boyfriend

so im 18, been with him for 3 months and i do wanna live with him but i live with my parents and he lives alone. my parents never met him. and just now we were talkin bout me wanting to move in with him but at the same time I dont wanna abandon my parents at such young age (even tho im legal) after everything they've done for me and keep doing for me. but he cant seem to understand that. hes been living alone since hes 17-18 and hes now 23 and constantly tries to convince me to move in but im not resdy, i just started college last year and im not settled down at all and not independant. he was one of those kids that wouldnt hesitate to yell on their parents if they didnt agree on something, im the total opposite. I've always obeyd my parents and he litteraly wants me to start being a rebel saying im 18 and can do what I want but he just seems impatient about us living together one day and my parents not wanting and letting me move out right now. what do I do. im so pissed off cause hes litteraly saying my parents arent raising their children the way they should, meaning they should be more tolerant. 😑😒😒😒😒