Twins born yesterday!

Twins born yesterday at 33+5 weeks.  Delivered due to IUGR and compromised cord blood flow for twin B.  Both doing great in NICU.  I was so scared that they were early, but they are very healthy considering and scored high on the health assessment rating (not sure if the official name).  Twin B was 3.2 lbs and twin A 4+ lbs.  both breathing on their own but in an incubator so not able to hold them.  Getting fed through feeding tubes and I'm pumping to get them what I can.  I was so scared ladies, but seems to have worked out ok.  Have hope and just make sure you have medical attention you feel you trust.  I did and felt their decision today was warranted and I trusted them.  Take care everyone!  (Also they are Di/Di b/g twins.)