My rant for the day

I got my period yesterday, and this morning when I woke up there was just blood all over my underwear this morning. So when I went upstairs to the bathroom, and already stripped down, I realized I didn't grab any underwear. I was just about to text my fiancé when he just walked up stairs, and I politely asked him if he would please grab me a pair of boy shorts and he just bitches about how badly he has to poop. So already that makes me feel great.. As I'm sitting on the toilet, I hear him yelling down stairs and then stomping up to the bathroom and he yells at me for having too much underwear and that I need to throw some out, then he says "hurry up, I have to shit right now." It's already a bad morning, and he kicks me out of the bathroom. I grab my pants and run down stairs and just sit on the toilet crying, realizing I forgot a tampon. I run up stairs and the bathroom door is locked, so I knock and ask to open the door. He gets all mad and asks why.. I said I need a tampon and he cracks the door open and hands me one, i mumble thanks through my tears and he snarls at me asking why I'm crying.. I told him and he slams the door.. We've been together for two years, and last year whenever I got my period he was right there by my side asking if I needed anything, already had chocolate ready for me, and just cuddled with me. Now, it's like "fuck you, suck it up." He actually told me yesterday when my cramps were so unbearable, that I should have been prepared for this. He said "when I broke my ankle the first time, I was like oh fuck this really hurts.. But when I broke it the second time, I was prepared for the pain I was about to be in" like period cramps are never the same, and some women never know exactly when they get their periods.. Idk, I just feel like he doesn't care anymore..