Freaked out.

So my parents have been going through a really rough time. My mom wants a divorce and my dad doesn't (for religious reasons, even though he can't stand her either). They're both controlling with no ability to compromise and somehow they both have a grudge against each other. I love them both, but when it comes to each other, they are the most spiteful people I've ever met. Anyway, i live 5 hours away, but I still follow my hometown news channel on Facebook and I just saw that there was a shooting on my parents' street. No one will answer the phone at home and police won't release any information to the press. I'm freaked out, because my dad has several guns and lately his temper is out of control. I'm trying not to panic. But I'm also angry. How f'ed up can a family be when there's a shooting and your daughter automatically assumes it's you? 😔