Never thought

I would make it to my third trimester when I first saw that plus size on the test. The first couple of weeks were filled with anxiety on whether something I was feeling was normal. It was filled with many midnight snacks, back rubs from my boyfriend and name choosing. Now, as I go into my third trimester it feels like it was just yesterday that I sitting there on my couch realizing I was a day late, trying to decide if I should even test or not. All those negative tests made it hard to believe I would ever get the chance to be a mother, to hold a precious life that I created in my very arms. It only took seconds for that second line to pop up and when it did, my world was a much happier place knowing that I had you. It didn't matter if you were a girl or a boy, it doesn't matter if you have blue eyes like me or brown like your father. All that matters is that you're healthy and you're mine. 12 weeks may seem like a long time but just thinking about how 28 of them have passed in a blink of an eye reassures me that before we know it you will be here and we couldn't be more excited to welcome you into our arms. Mommy and Daddy will see you before you know it. 💝