Am I in labor...? FTM here and clueless

Sydney • Due 8/10/16 with our beautiful Carter Rose🌹👶🏽💜FTM!! Married to the love of my life 2/29/16👰🏼👫💍❤️
I'm exactly 39 weeks today!!! Last Friday I was 3cm and %90. Doc said I probably wouldn't make it till my next appointment THIS Friday.
So hubby and I had sex last night around 2AM(we never sleep). Around 2:45ish I started to get pretty painful "contractions" that I felt in my lower belly and back. I could talk through them but had a hard time walking, and they'd go away within about 2 minutes. Which is normal for me to feel after sex. But this time they didn't stop. I had them continuously until I feel asleep at 6AM. I timed them from 4:08-on and they were 8 minutes apart and lasted 2-3 minutes each(picture below) It was mostly painful in my back and lower belly. I have a ton of pressure in what feels like my butt(like I have to poop) and also in my vagina. She is very low to where hubby can feel her when he's....up there?😋 I woke up having a painful one but not sure if that was the only one I had while I was sleeping, or if it just hurt a lot out of the others and woke me up. As of right now, I've felt ONE, painful contraction but I'm still laying down in bed(if that has anything to do with anything) Please someone help me figure this out! I'm SO ready for my little girl to come...but have NO IDEA what I'm waiting for.